Ryo Shin Kan Club

Derek CharltonSho-Hei Ryu karate club was founded by Sensei Derek Charlton in 1988. For a period of time, Derek was accompanied by another instructor who has since left.

Derek had trained in boxing and had enjoyed considerable success as a wrestler.
He also wished to study karate in later life and joined the Shenfield Uechi-ryu dojo in Essex in 1984.

The Shenfield dojo was run by Sensei Ron Ship who was also a student of Master Uechi Kanei and regularly visited Okinawa to further his training. He was a stickler for form and rigorously instilled a respect for and appreciation of kata in his students.
In 1988, Derek was 1st Kyu he left the Shenfield dojo and set up his own dojo with a fellow student from the Shenfield dojo in Orpington at the Brian Jacks fitness centre.

The club no longer trains at Orpington and has settled at the Calso Fitness Centre in Hayes.

Calso Heath and Fitness

The Ryo Shin Kan Dojo is located in the Calso Heath and Fitness Club. Click the link below for their website.


Location Map

A Google map and details about the Calso Health and fitness club are available on the link below



Ryo Shin Kan Dojo training sessions

Monday and Thursday . 20:00 - 21:45

Calso Fitness Centre
28-30 Letchworth Drive

020 8466 0506 (Calso)
07885 327065 (Del Charlton)

Email shoheiryu@live.co.uk